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The Chafer Question - hot tips for spotting them


The Chafer Question

PestTracking - time to start logging cranefly sightings.


PestTracker Time

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Turf soil pest challenge for 2023

When will Cranefly Fly?


When will the Cranefly fly?


Cranefly hatch? Feels early?

Based on historic PestTracker data on average we begin to see craneflies in the second week of April. Whilst I still can’t believe how it’s happened, we are very quickly approaching the second week of April. As always though the averages mask and hide a number of nuances If we look back through the years…


LeatherJackets what are we looking for?

It’s that time of year when LeatherJackets begin to become visible. Now is when I’d start to encourage people to start placing small sheets down on the surface of their playing surfaces to begin to evaluate the numbers of these pests they are dealing with and logging the results. I’d recommend small 1m2 square sheets…


Late Cranefly emergence

After the heavy rainfall this weekend I had several course managers reporting a late emergence of Cranefly just when they thought it was all over! The obvious question on there mind was “Do I stick with my Acelepryn timing plans?“ The answer to that is yes. The more we study the emergence pattern of the…


I haven’t seen any Cranefly should I still apply Aceleprn?

I’m getting asked this question alot. I’ve bought my Acelepryn, waited for peak flight and I just haven’t seen any……. Should I wait? Should I apply now? Should I not use it? Ok lets start at the beginning, any Acelepryn purchased under the Emergency Authorisation for Cranefly in 2021 must be used by the 29th…


Cranefly emergence – Is it starting yet?

Whilst undertaking my normal morning scroll through the Twitter turf world I saw a few people are seeing the beginning of the Cranefly hatch and the general feeling was that it was a little early. These aren’t the first sightings – My whatsapp and Inbox has seen a few hatching images over the last 2…


Aeration trial – get involved

I’m looking for some help now.   I need as many people as possible to commit to a trial looking at the implication of aeration on leatherjackets and the putting surface. Quick note: You can listen this to this article as a Podcast – just the play button below. It’s pretty simple and will involve…