PestTracker Time

Following a full approval for Acelepryn we need to keep logging sightings of cranefly on PestTracker.

PestTracking - time to start logging cranefly sightings.

Boost the turf industry and improve pest control by logging sightings using PestTracker, shaping a better understanding of pest behavior and trends.

Monitoring pest activity is crucial not only for our courses but also for the industry’s overall improvement. Please, please, PLEASE use PestTracker to log pest those sightings in your area.

Just click here to log your sightings.

PestTracker helps us understand common turf pests like cranefly and chafer grubs, their life cycles, and hatching patterns. The more data we collect, the better we can identify trends and provide updates on pest levels, control methods, and product developments.

And with the full registration of Acelepryn now here the logging process becomes even more critical – stay tuned to the website for news.

So … If you’ve spotted chafer grubs or cranefly hatchings, log your sighting here. Your reports make a difference, benefiting your turf and the wider greenkeeping community.

And as we enter key hatching seasons, make sure you visit for tips on identifying pests.

Keep an eye out for more details on Acelepryn and its full label to.

We’ll continue posting content about PestTracker data and sharing updates on trends on this blog.

Together, we can better understand and reduce the pressure form these frustrating pests.

Tap the image below to log your cranefly sightings.

PestTracker from Syngenta

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