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Primo Maxx FAQ 2023

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When to start Primo Maxx II, 2022

This is the time of the year to be thinking when should I start my Primo Maxx programme? We’ve been talking more and more in recent years about growth degree days and this is a trend set to continue. Primo Maxx has been used for a long time now and I’ve seen a lot of…

Growing Degree Days

Primo Maxx II – when to start?

At this time of year I regularly get asked when should I start my Primo Maxx programme. I’ve added some additional complexities to it this year, because I’ve been talking a lot about growth degree days. Primo Maxx has been used for a long time now and I’ve seen a lot of different timings and…

Plant Growth Regulator

Unlock and Play – Moisture Edition

As we roll into the summer holidays and many of us are looking desperately at the UK weather forecasts praying for a dry period it seems appropriate that we talk about Moisture Stress and it’s impact on the turf in our Unlock and Play trial. We have taken our Original Primo trial and now have…

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How will you use your Primo?

When Primo Maxx was launched it was primarily as a plant growth regulator. However, now Primo Maxx has established itself in peoples turf management programmes, over the years it has essentially been used to improve putting surfaces and turf quality, rather than simply suppress growth. Particularly on greens, at the low rates used, I’d challenge…

Growing Degree Days

Beginners guide to Primo and GDD

What is Primo Maxx II? Primo Maxx II is a growth regulator that is used in sports turf primarily to regulate and suppress grass growth. That has advantages for time and cost savings, but also some real advantages for maintaining consistent surface playability. You can vary the amount of suppression you get by increasing the…

Plant Growth Regulator

The Lockdown – Lowdown Conclusion

As we’ve reached the end of the Lockdown Trial I’ve concluded that, given the same situation again for a period of low intensity management, I’d apply as much Primo Maxx as the label would allow me too. But, it’s also given a fascinating insight and explanation as to why, under normal conditions, that’s probably not…

Growing Degree Days

GDD Tool – FAQ – 150 GDD?

We’ve recently launched our Growing Degree Day (GDD) tool – (take a look here) and a sure sign of engagement is questions and I’ve had a few. In this blog I’m going to talk about why I keep talking about 150 GDD as a application window for PrimoMaxx II. What is a GDD application window?…

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The Lockdown – Lowdown Week 8

Not a lot of change this week – the weather has cooled so we have seen reduced growth, increased stress and some increased benefits of Primo Maxx to turf colour. Turf Colour First time I’ve mentioned colour. It’s a low maintenance trial and colour hasn’t been top of my list to talk about. The figures…

Plant Growth Regulator

The Lockdown – Lowdown Week 7

As turf management levels increase and golfers return and the Lockdown Trials reach week 7 it’s time to draw some conclusions. Whats the point? Maybe it’s the fact that I had another birthday this week – (thanks for all the kind birthday wishes, What a nice bunch you are) or maybe it’s just that I’ve…