Acelepryn application Top Tips

Here are some last-minute tips that can help ensure that you achieve the best results from your Acelepryn applications.

Acelepryn application Top Tips

Sprayer setup can enhance the effectiveness of an Acelepryn application. As you get closer to the application date, here are some last-minute tips that can help ensure that you achieve the best results.

Start by creating a moist soil environment, as this helps keep the target pest near the surface, where you will be applying – that can be rainfall if the weather gods have been helpful, or irrigation if required. The new Turf Advisor app can help keep track of recent and forecast soil moisture data.

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For the actual application, you want to use relatively high water volumes, which ensure that the Acelepryn moves off the leaf and into the soil. To optimize coverage, use Syngenta XC White 08 nozzles. Importantly, use a reasonable pressure  of 2-3.5 bar and adjust your forward speed to achieve the desired application rate,  rather than higher pressure to increase water volume.

Remember that the label dictates a water volume of 500-600 litres a hectare. After application, keep the soil moist to keep the target pest closer to the surface. By setting up your sprayer correctly and following the label guidelines closely, you can maximise the efficacy of your Acelepryn treatment helping you get optimal results.

Get yourself ready to get the best out of your Acelepryn applications today! The clock is ticking!

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