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Microdochium - is it to cold.


Microdochium mitigation


Dollar spot, in November?!

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3 tips for using Historic Turf Disease Information


Waitea Patch and Grey leaf spot

With the record drought grabbing the headlines in the UK its easy to forget about the record temperatures we’re also experiencing. Of course a new climate means new opportunities for pathogens that have been sitting unnoticed historically and now have the ability to thrive. Generally turf diseases need two things to thrive, optimum temperature and…


Lets see what you could have won?

There are times when managing microdochium patch in fine turf when the environmental pressures just seem to completely over power any levels of protection you’ve put in place. For some people this Christmas felt like one of those times (here’s a blog a put together about this years christmas delivery). Now we’re into late January…


Christmas disease management choices

As we approach Christmas we hope that we are nearing the end of the difficult part of the Microdochium patch management journey and now it’s more critical than ever to stay alert to the dangers. Different situations will require different fungicide strategies. Leaf moisture management, appropriate nutrition, and good management practices are now critical to…


Anthracnose – I’ve tried everything!

I’ve done all THAT! In the last blog I looked at why we end up being caught out year on year by Anthracnose and I think it can be pretty simply summarised by “trying to give the golfer what they want for too long”. If we are going to try to deliver tight, lean and…


Anthracnose – why are we here again!

Here we are again moving into September and after a quieter August (for me anyway!) things are starting to go crazy again. Whilst some of the calls are about Microdochium patch just starting, some of the calls are about Cranefly and LeatherJackets the one that always catches me by surprise is Anthracnose. It always feels…


Anthracnose season – Resources

Here we are again, moving into September and just when we were through Anthracnose season – the phone starts ringing again! Anthracnose always catches me out at this time of year – I don’t know why I let it surprise me but it always does. This is something myself and Henry have spent alot of…


Dollar spot – Frequently asked questions

Its that time of year when I begin to see people putting preventative strategies in place for Dollar spot – so I thought it was worth going back to basics. What is it? Dollar spot can be identified easily by the lesions on leaves, they are a pale, bleached colour. They are bound at either…