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Did it rain in July?


Did it rain in July?

When the Rain Arrives for Turf Managers


When the Rain Arrives

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Water water everywhere but not a drop… by summer

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Next Primo Maxx II app? – Spring edition

When should I next apply my Primo? The simplest way to understand how to time you’re PrimoMaxxII application in the UK is: Cool but just growing: Apply every 4 weeks In between: Apply every 3 weeks Peak summer: Apply every 2 weeks Stick to that and you won’t go far wrong. You can listen to…


Wetting agents – Too Early?

I’m getting a few phone calls at the moment from super organised people out there who are planning their wetting agent programmes for this year. One of the questions I get asked regularly is how early should I start? This isn’t a very difficult question to answer, the earlier you start go better. The key…


Turf management – heat strategies

With more high temperatures forecast this week what strategies can you implement to get through these periods before the temperatures begin to drop and we move into Fuz territory? Last week I referred to how cool July had been and i’ve also spent the last 2 months talking about how there has been a lack…

Plant Growth Regulator

Unlock and Play – Moisture Edition

As we roll into the summer holidays and many of us are looking desperately at the UK weather forecasts praying for a dry period it seems appropriate that we talk about Moisture Stress and it’s impact on the turf in our Unlock and Play trial. We have taken our Original Primo trial and now have…


Acelepryn: 7 Steps to Success – Wetting Agent


Fairway wetting agent?

I’ve taken a few phone calls this week all asking a similar question: it’s as dry any point continuing my fairway wetting agent program?Well there is never a simple answer but here goes: If you have fairway irrigation or water available to irrigate your fairways then you’ll get a huge benefit from continuing to use…


Qualibra fairway trial

As I tour around introducing myself to a few people I get the chance to see some pretty amazing stuff. In my previous role I’d often wondered how effective a wetting agent program could be. Well a trip to Hayling Golf Club to see Greig Easton showed me just how effective it could is. He’s…