Just Launched – New Turf Advisor App for Greenkeepers

We're super excited to announce the launch of Turf Advisor. A new turf app for greenkeepers, turf managers and agronomists. It's amazing.

Turf Advisor App - New from Syngenta

The new Turf Advisor app from Syngenta gives greenkeepers, turf managers and agronomists in the UK instant access to a wealth of key information and advice to help you make better decisions and help produce the perfect playing service. 

It is free and available to download and use NOW.

Apple users can download it here.

And Android users here.

Fully customisable for any location and situation, this brilliant app provides you with essential weather data and turf management models, presented in a clear dashboard that you can tailor and adapt to your own golf course or site so that the information provided is always relevant to you. 

If that wasn’t enough, the app makes many of the legendary GreenCast turf disease forecasting models more accessible and easier to use – meaning you can instantly assess risks, set risk thresholds and plan your actions.

GreenCast disease models available include microdochium patch, anthracnose, grey leaf spot and new for Syngenta UK & Ireland, a specific Smith-Kerns model for Dollar spot pressure forecasting. 

The Turf Advisor app includes the Growing Degree Day calculator (our most popular support tool) and the new Growth Potential model.

Used together you can more accurately predict growth patterns and product application timings.

Also built into the app is a clear spray window forecast, which can prove crucial in ensuring applications are made at the most appropriate timing and in the optimum conditions to improve efficacy and accuracy. 

Glenn Kirby Open Letter to Golf Committees

Glenn has been instrumental in the design and launch of the App.

“The app has been entirely designed from the viewpoint of a practical greenkeeper or turf manager. With Turf Advisor we now have objective data and records that can help support stronger practical turf management decisions.”

— Glenn Kirby

It has taken many of the aspects of the pioneering and globally renowned GreenCast website and added a whole raft of new elements to support turf management.

Microdochium attacks are influenced by a multitude of factors

The GreenCast microdochium model will pinpoint when is the highest risk of outbreaks according to rain and temperature, but for the most effective proactive strategies it should be used in conjunction with leaf wetness, humidity, GDD and Growth Potential to assess how it will impact on turf.

All those factors can be instantly viewed on the dashboard in the Turf Advisor app.” 

Give it a go. You have nothing to lose. And a whole load to gain.

Here are those links again.

Apple users can download it here.

For Android users tap here.

And here are some ‘how to’ videos that Glenn has recorded to help you navigate your way through the app along with some some top turf tips.




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