January Turf FAQs 2023

Sorry the FAQ is delayed its been a whirlwind, its hard to believe its 2023 and were already a month down for the year.

How was BTME this year?

Back by popular demand, for those who didn’t know BTME was back to its traditional January slot this year, and back with vengeance! There was a really good buzz about the show and record attendance figures.

We had loads of interesting conversations on the stand, so thankyou for those who came for a chat, or asked questions after a seminar we gave. Feedback is always welcomed, and its always easier to take when its positive!

The Jazzy Golfer (who stood in for Naga to give out awards this year) probably documents it better than I can, with the brief video on the BTME home page.

If you didn’t go and are considering it for next year its a great opportunity to develop, with over 250 hours of learning there really is something for everyone, as the saying goes.


During BTME its a great privilege to be involved with:

A) The Golf Environment awards (we sponsor Operation Pollinator) won by Corhampton Golf Club, congratulations Iestyn and team! Some really strong competition this year as always.

If your thinking of entering the Golf Environment Awards go for it, its a great thing to be involved with, and even if you don’t win, the inhabitants of the habitats created will feel like winners. (Really easy to enter…)


B) Amenity spray operator of the year. Congratulations to Darren McLaughlan who won this year! Again a great time to get involved, all the finalists had a sports turf background this year. Operating spray equipment is so important to effective treatments, so time spend thinking about sprayer set up is worth the investment.


C) Syngenta Early bird run (I’ll give the before picture, you don’t want to see the after!)

Great turn out, you raised £730 for Greenkeepers Benevolent Fund, thank you to those who rolled out of bars/bed for it. Would be great to raise even more next year so pack your running shoes please!

BTME 2023 - Early Bird Run



Not that it felt it on the Early Bird run in Harrogate, but 2022 was a warm year. Looking back at blogs gone by Glenn used to touch on the Global Temperature Report for the previous year in January.

Well I missed the January part, but I will lightly touch on it, but you can see the full report in red above (red for hot).

Headlines being that whilst it wasn’t the hottest year on record globally, locally (Europe) had it very warm in 2022 (which is how I think most of us will remember it).

Hopefully we see some stability in 2023 but the projections look to be for a warm one.


Now all the new years resolutions have been made, and since this is so late probably broken.

Its a good time to think about the year ahead, and possibly to commit to some learning and development.

Whether that be at BTME next January, an online course or a half day event somewhere, its really important to keep current. I did my Turf BASIS this year, and whilst it was a little stressful at times it was also interesting and rewarding and I’m glad I made the time.

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