Hottest June on Record – 2023

It's not over yet, but June 2023 is already set to be the hottest in the UK on record for turf managers.

June has felt very warm, and the Met office agrees.

Records go all the way back to 1884 and 2023 looks to go down as the hottest on record (in terms of mean and average maximum temperature).

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The months not over yet so they can’t call it (could be a big cold snap in the last few days), but with the current about average forecast it will most probably be a record breaker.

It fits with a lot of the reports I’ve had in that Dollar spot pressure started earlier this year.

Hopefully July will swing us back towards more average temperatures for the month.

So we can recover any lost surface quality and reduce plant stress which can easily build in unseasonably warm conditions.

A record hot June alone doesn’t spell DISASTER but we’ll need to be extra vigilant as to the conditions in the coming weeks and months.

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