Festival of turf heat – how unusual is it?

Just finished setting up the ICL / Syngenta at the 2021 Festival of Turf event and it was hot one.

What I couldn't work out though was - have I gone soft because I don't work outside any more (no need to answer that) or is this level of heat normal??

This kind of thing fascinates me now as its the kind of subject Henry and myself delve into in some depth whilst putting together "On the horizon" (our podcast - have a listen here.......).

So I spent a few minutes looking back at the highest temperatures July has thrown at Warwick for since 1984 (as far back as my records go).

It's definitely HiCure weather!

Now assuming the forecast is correct and we stay at these temperatures then to get 7 days of consecutive max temps peaking over 26c in July in Warwick has only happened twice since 1984.

1989 and 2021 - For Jim and the BIGGA team the odds of this extended period of high temps works out about 5% or 1 in 18 years!

The storms that are now occurring seem to be staying well to the East of us.

I put a blog together a few weeks back looking at heat management strategies - you can find it here.......

Really looking forward to catching up with some people over the next couple of days so if you're about then make sure you come over and say hi to myself Dan and the ICL team. I'll be the one wearing the silly hat protecting my big bald head!

Don't forget your Sunscreen and water!!!

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