Please get involved – LeatherJacket survey

The apparent increase in populations of leatherjackets and chafer grubs often poses a real challenge for turf managers in terms of controlling the pests to minimise damage. There are currently a limited number of approved products available to control the problem and with limited label restrictions for certain sectors.

You may remember I put together a presentation for BIGGA earlier in the year which you can find here........ where I looked at the amount of insecticide used in the UK amenity sector being less than 0.085% of the total used and how small our voice was.

Due to small nature of us yet the high importance of these products to you and your ability to do your job it is vitally important we get behind surveys like the one ICL are doing and contribute.

There is no saying that data exercises like this will make a difference but we always have a much better chance when armed with data.

Please get involved, it'll only take 2 minutes promise

Click on this link to undertake survey ...

We did a similar survey back in January and you can find the results of that here. The uptake on that survey was great and really showed the challenges we faced. You can see the results of that one here........

Unfortunately one survey is not enough, the more noise we make about the challenge the better placed we are to continue dealing with it.

And don't forget - keep logging those sightings on PestTracker.

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