Cranefly, wish for more data

I'm looking for the peak flight of Cranefly this year, its not here yet, and I find myself wishing we had data from a previously droughty year to compare with.

Cranefly Flight 2022 for Golf Courses

We’ve had a hot dry year, I did a blog previously exploring what that might mean for this years Cranefly peak flight timing. But the truth is we don’t know until it happens, and it hasn’t happened just yet!

Now if we had 10 years of peak flight data we’d have a better idea of if the delay this year was linked to the climate or just less people logging sightings.

But we don’t have 10 years of data, we’ve got 2019 – 2022.

The peak flight for the last two years (2020 & 2021) followed a pretty similar trend, spiking in the third week of September and then trailing off after that.

That’s the equivalent of this week, where the solid green line is now (looking a bit like a periscope I think).

Not all the data is in for this week yet, as we may have more sightings towards the weekend, but all the sights from the numbers coming in so far are that its going to be more like 2019.

I’m guessing the 1st week of October … but happy to be proved wrong by a flush of sightings next week.

What the above graph doesn’t give you is context for where you are based geographically, which is really important because ideally if we are applying Acelepryn we want it to be a month after peak flight at your location.

This graph allows us to tease into that location data a little more, you can generally see the North of the UK tends to see the peak flight earlier than the South (this is with the middle section chopped out to show a difference, read more here).

In the coming weeks once we’ve got the peak flight locked down, I’ll do some blogs on getting the most out of Acelepryn for anyone who’s waiting patiently to make that application.

We’re not at the end of the journey, but we’ve learned a lot over the years about practices that can get the best out of products, and that’s in no small part due to the effort put in by those helping log sightings.

Especially when you don’t really feel like thinking about Cranefly more than you need to.

But if there was ever motivation needed to log Cranefly and get the best out of our treatments; we don’t want to see scenes like this when sheeting come spring!

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