Cranefly hatch – how will the heat impact?

How will the cranefly hatch break in 2022?

Back in 2020 we saw a dry and hot July which I wrote about here and at that time I think I was expecting it to drive an earlier hatch due to the dry weather.

2020 was hot and we experienced serious fires around the London area but we didn't really see any differences that year.

Now whilst 2020 was dry and hot 2022 is something completely different.

So will 2022 show any differences in that hatch pattern?

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I've split out all the reported sightings in PestTracker and its pretty clear there is a trend of the northern areas of the country hatching earlier than the South. This leads me to believe that the trigger for hatching is soil temperatures.

So if there is a trend for 2022 then its could be a later hatch but that's taking the drought out of the equation.

2022 will be really interesting

I’ve now cleared the Spring hatching Cranefly sightings from the PestTracker map which should give us a really clear picture of the Autumn hatch.

Keep logging those sightings on PestTracker and we’ll see what we can learn.

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