Acelepryn Emergency Authorisation 2019

The Emergency Authorisation for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of chafer grubs and leatherjacket was reapproved for the 2019 season.

LeatherJacket damage can extend long into the playing season

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Leatherjackets can cause damage to turf through extensive feeding on roots, which can be severe in localised patches. This problem can extend long into the summer season as mature LeatherJackets continue to graze around aeration holes extending recovery long into the main golfing season.

Chafer and leatherjacket grubs

The Emergency Authorisation permits Acelepryn use in situations where there is an acknowledged instance of economic damage, or risk of bird strike on airfields, and where the product has been recommended by a BASIS qualified agronomist.

Acelepryn can be applied up until 30 September 2019, to cover the key chafer grub and leatherjacket treatment timings - targeted to coincide with egg hatch and initial larval activity.

Keep an eye on PestTracker for updates on flight patterns and remember to log your sightings.

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