My most frequent of FAQ – XC Nozzle Caps!!!

You'd think the question I get asked most would be an agronomy based question or a tech question about the rate of a product or even a question about application intervals.

Nope - How do I get XC nozzles to fit my sprayer

Really easy - Phone 0800 652 4215 and order the correct nozzle cap or visit the XC Nozzle page on our website here ...

The problem occurs when people take delivery of their new XC nozzles and when they go to fit them they realise that the nozzle and bayonet on their sprayer is a whole unit and cannot be seperated.

XC nozzles close up on sprayer

This is the way things are moving - it's done to reduce the amount of potential leak points and reduce handling when nozzles are changed. It does mean when you change to new nozzles you'll need a set of caps to hold the new nozzles in.

What nozzle cap do I need?

Firstly this is about the spray boom and the fittings on it rather than the make of the sprayer. Whilst manufacturers do make there own dedicated sprayers - many sprayers are still retrofitted to utility vehicles.

We generally have two fittings in the UK (there will always be alternatives but they're rare).

The Hypro nozzle caps are "Euro Fit" and will work on all types of Lurmark, Hypro and Arag bayonet fittings.

The Hardi Nozzle caps only fit Hardi spray fittings. Hardi have been dominant in the retrofit spray market for a number of years so there are a considerable amount of sprayers that have these type of fitting.

The difficulty is that they both fit each other (just about) but VERY BADLY. They can be squeezed on with additional washers but it's not good practice.

Get your nozzles and nozzle caps here..............

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