How cold has November 2021 been?

After telling everyone on the Podcast that these Autumn / Winter months are getting warmer, I was beginning to feel pretty nervous as the last month has felt pretty chilly to me!

I've had a look back at the data to see how we've compared back to 2008 - 2011 period just to see how things compared to recent history.

There isn't much of a shift from this year to that period, a little colder on the south coast in 2021 than back in 2008 - 2011 but apart from that 2021 looks pretty normal compared to that period.

A quick look at the Sub 2c hours for this period shows no big surprises either. December is when we've seen the bigger shift and I suspect that this weeks recent cold weateher will impact these numbers but with warmer temperatures around the corner again I suspect we'll sit back into the same warming trend.

So a cool November without too many mild periods.

What I suspect will go down in the record books though is how dry November 2021 was. I'll wait until the Met office relese their figures on this one before writing about it but I suspect that'll be another weather record broken. I was amazed to see just how dry it was down in Dorset over the weekend.

A cool Period that was dry - which is a refreshing break when managing sportsturf in the UK in November - lets see what the rest of December will bring?

It is highly likely that we will experiencing some snowfall even as you read this blog. Luckily I've already written something about early snowfall. You can read that here.

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