Early bird run just around the corner!

Just a quick reminder that BTME, and so the Early bird run, are not far off now. So anyone wanting a record breaking time (probably a bit late to achieve that now) or to get in a few practice runs to acclimate, now is the time to get out there and start.

Setting off at 6.30 am (hence the name ‘Early bird run’) on Wednesday 25th January the 5K is not only a great chance to dust off those running shoes but also help raise money for the Greenkeepers’ Benevolent Fund.

For every runner who takes part Syngenta will pledge £10 to the charity, so lets try and beat the nearly £900 raised last year!

Read more about it here: Run for your fund

Whether you’ve got a running buddy, pace setter or are all running as a greens team together, its a great chance to have a run out and feel good, even if the body feels bad you’ll know your doing a good thing for charity!

Please help twist as many arms and pull in as many favor’s as possible to get people out on the course and make sure we can raise as much as we can for charity (but please no twisting of ankles or pulling of calves – warm up is key).

With the current weather pattern were experiencing its a great time to acclimatise to “Harrogate in January” conditions, with a few training runs, as all top athletes do (make sure you don’t slip on any ice and pull an injury before the main event).

Its really easy to sign up (click the banner below) and you also get a Hicure Run Club beanie incase it really is chilly.

register for the BTME Early Bird Run

Thanks for reading all, have a good final few weeks of training (not essential, the important thing is to support the charity, and run off any hangovers).

Come see us on the Syngenta stand once you’re showered up (Hall 2 – stand 226) to let us know how you got on!

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