Cranefly hatch? Feels early?

Based on historic PestTracker data on average we begin to see craneflies in the second week of April.

Whilst I still can't believe how it's happened, we are very quickly approaching the second week of April.

Average cranefly reports over last 3 years split into North and South locations

As always though the averages mask and hide a number of nuances

If we look back through the years we can see that

  • 2019 was much later and a sudden hatch
  • 2020 was much earlier and over much quicker (remember how warm the first lockdown year was)
  • and 2021 was a very slow and long hatch (remember how cold last Spring was)

Please as you start seeing cranefly activity, please remember to log it at PestTracker the more data we have the more we understand what's going on.

Whilst it feels too early, my prediction based on your reports is as soon as the weather turns mild, we'll see some activity.

If it stays warm then that will be over quite quickly.

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