BTME getting closer

With BTME just around the corner my attention swiftly turns to the all the things I should have done a lot sooner!

Prepare data workshop

1:30PM - 5:00PM, 21 MAR 2022

I've got this one under control - the problem is knowing what to cover so we give ourselves enough room to talk around the subject! I'm doing a dress rehearsal next week (Tuesday 8th @ a secret venue in the South - for close and trusted friends)I have a couple of spaces left, if you want to be a Guinea pig and you're free on Tuesday 8th March drop me an email moc.atnegnys@ybrik.nnelg

See the workshop here......

Prepare "Potential of digital" presentation

1:00PM - 1:45PM, 22 MAR 2022

Now, I've rewritten this one a few times! This seemed like a great presentation to do when I agreed to do it as the range of subjects we could cover are huge, the problem I've got is, the range of subjects I want to cover is huge!

Jot it in your diary and come listen......

Get myself fit enough to run 5K

Hicure run club - Wednesday @ 6.30am

Hicure running shorts

Not normally a problem for me, a keen (but slow runner) 5k wouldn't normally present a challenge! But 2022 hasn't yet delivered the motivation for me to get up and get going!!! My knees are giving in and as you can see from the image - the waistline is expanding!

But to celebrate BTME recommencing we've introduced the next installment in the Hicure running clothing to help complete the set. So if you've claimed you running top, your running socks now is the time to step up for some new shorts!

We're also committing to donating £10 to the BIGGA benevolent fund for every runner both at BTME and at home who gets involved.

New shorts and benevolent fund donation - just what I need to get me running again!

Now I've just got to finish those presentations.

Get involved here........

BTME Early Bird runners

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