I’m Excited – The Application Academy Launch

Next week, at BTME 2020 Syngenta launches the Art of Application Academy. Visit us on Stand 428 to find why I'm so excited about this logical yet very much needed next step in the development of spray and application technology.

I've been with Syngenta for around 18 months now and in that time I have had the unique opportunity to view the vast amounts of work that goes on behind the scenes developing both product and best practice advice.

I've learnt how much regulatory pressure and scrutiny each of our products are placed under, gained an understanding of the challenges that lay on the horizon and am now forming a fairly clear picture in my own mind on how turf management will evolve over the next decade.

As someone who has been involved in managing turf for getting close to 30 years now it's pretty hard to be exposed to this and not to have a deep rooted interest in this stuff.

As we enter this new decade I think it's time to prepare ourselves for some of the inevitables:

  • Any product available will have to have proved itself to be incredibly safe to humans and the environment we live in
  • "Green" or "Natural" products will gain momentum as public pressure mounts
  • Scrutiny of "Green" products will increase and begin to match that of traditional chemistry (both questions will be asked "does it work in the field?" and "is it safe in the field?"
  • Understanding of how to interface these "Green technologies" with "Supersafe" chemistry will need to improve

This will have an impact:

  • On product efficacy compared to the "good old days"
  • It will mean more research and understanding
  • It will definitely mean we need to take more care when applying any products - getting the most out of every application will become essential

Agriculture will continue to be the driver for all of this and never has the public cared so much about how they source their food or understood so little.

We continue to work on all of the above and try to shape the exciting next decade. We recognise the challenges and know education and a collaborative approach will mean we go through this decade much stronger than we came in.

The Art of Application Academy is aimed at Turf managers and we intend to share the work we do behind the scenes to help you understand where things are going, the work and time being invested and how to get the very best out of applications.

Visit Syngenta Stand 428 at BTME2020 to find out more next week.

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