Application Quiz – NSTS tests

We've worked with ICL to develop an Online quiz (link here) to help support you guys and girls out there spraying - in this blog series I intend to go through each question, give you an in depth answer and a few useful links.

There is a legal requirement for boom sprayers to be tested under the NSTS or DAFM in Ireland scheme. Which of the below requires testing every 3 years?

  • Knapsack
  • Sprayer with boom wider than 3 meters that is older than 5 years old
  • A sprayer with a boom width less than 3 meters
  • All the above

All trailed, mounted and self-propelled sprayers with booms over 3 meters that are older than 5 years require a NSTS test every 3 years. It used to be every five years but was changed to every 3 years in November 2020.

There is a worrying trend showing that the number of NSTS assessments being carried out is in decline. Hopefully that is due to the increased investment on Spraying machinery but more likely it’s due to lack of understanding of legal requirements.

To keep up to date with the relevant legislation, here are some handy links:

NSTS Legislation changes

NSTS decision tree

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