Application Quiz – Forward speed

We've worked with ICL to develop an Online quiz (link here) to help support you guys and girls out there spraying - in this blog series I intend to go through each question, give you an in depth answer and a few useful links.

When calibrating a sprayer and working out forward speed: If it takes 60 seconds to travel 100 meters the forward speed is..

  • 6mph
  • 5mph
  • 6kmh
  • 5kmh

To calibrate forward speed, you must time (from a rolling start) the time it takes to travel 100 meters. (this can be reduced to 50 meters and doubled if space is limited)

Then divide 100 by the number of seconds it takes to travel 100 meters

This figure is then multiplied by 3.6 to get the forward speed in Kilometres per Hour.

Never rely solely on a speedo or computer to guide you on your sprayer. Regular testing in this way is advised to ensure the speedo / computer is correctly calibrated.

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