Wet & Windy Warning for February

February may officially still be winter but, if the trend of recent years is to be repeated, it can feel like the start of spring. However, after a wet season with frequently waterlogged soils over recent months, further wet and windy weather could see conditions quickly deteriorate. Looking at GreenCast weather records and Met Office…

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Fun with Fungicide Fundamentals

Another fun first for me at BTME was hosting the first Fungicide Fundamentals all-day workshop on Sunday, as part of the great BIGGA education programme. Two real highlights for me were the brilliant presenters who were able to make some really complicated science so applicable to real-life decisions in disease control, and the way the…

ASOY congratulations

What a great BTME we have had. It’s been fantastic to catch up with so many friends, and as always a reminder of why greenkeeping is the best job in the world – when it’s going well. One of the highlights was the BIGGA Awards evening on Tuesday, when we were able to include the…

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