Cranefly emergence – Is it starting yet?

Whilst undertaking my normal morning scroll through the Twitter turf world I saw a few people are seeing the beginning of the Cranefly hatch and the general feeling was that it was a little early.

These aren't the first sightings - My whatsapp and Inbox has seen a few hatching images over the last 2 weeks but nothing of any mass yet.

A quick look at the PestTracker data from the last 2 and half years shows that assuming PestTracker reported sightings are representative of what's going on in the field then we're probably a little bit behind where we would be normally.

You can listen this to this article as a Podcast - just the play button below.

Normally by the 3rd week of August sightings would have started rolling in at a rate of around 10 per week.

That's a long way from the peak - which is when we start hitting about 100 per week, which in the last 2 years has been mid September to Mid October.

I suspect the next couple of weeks will be the period we begin to see more and more of these but the peak of activity is still a few weeks away.

Correct timing of Acelepryn which has recently received another emergency Authorisation (Read about it here.....) is an important part of getting the best out of Acelepryn.

The more data we can get logged in PestTracker the better for everyone.

The weather in 2021 has once again been different with far greater amounts of rainfall than normal for the South with the north west being dryer in July than normal on top of continued but slight increase on average temperatures

These MetOffice anomaly maps are a great way of looking at the overall weather picture across the UK and you can find them here MetOffice anomaly maps

Here's a few other articles I've written on the subject recently

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