Acelepryn for Chafer timing advice

Really quick one - the chafer sightings have kicked off this week as I suspected in last weeks blog as we've had a prolonged warm period and I wonder if the rainfall has contributed too?


With the activity started and the rainfall set for a little while we are now entering a period suitable for Acelepryn treatments if you have Chafer issues.

Applying in decent rainfall period after peak flight is key to success - for more advice check this blog out.....

If you're not sure if they've hatched in your area yet then keep an eye on PestTracker for more advice.

Please, please, PLEASE if you see chafers then log them here, it really helps us give good application advice.

On the other hand Cranefly reports seem to have stopped - this should be the period they have either hatched or go into a slow dormancy, fingers crossed!

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