The value of PestTracker

At last I’ve free’d a bit of time up to have a dive into 3 years worth of PestTracker data, and your efforts are continuing to deliver some insights into cranefly trends in the UK and Ireland. After looking through it all we’re continuing to see how it will play an important role in managing…

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Lets see what you could have won?

There are times when managing microdochium patch in fine turf when the environmental pressures just seem to completely over power any levels of protection you’ve put in place. For some people this Christmas felt like one of those times (here’s a blog a put together about this years christmas delivery). Now we’re into late January…

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January FAQs 2022

After a mild end to 2021 we’ve rolled into a calmer and cooler 2022. Great news form a disease perspective and it’s also meant the phone calls and feedback has slowed down a little during the month. Although it’s been a little quieter on the phone and with BTME postponed there has still been loads…

Disease models look attractive

Using models to help guide turf management decisions is something everyone does. Many don’t even recognise they are doing it. Before any fungicide application everyone is, or should be, looking at some of the factors that influence the action they’ll take. In essence, creating their own model. Formal data gathering isn’t for everyone, but everyone…

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December FAQs 2021

What fungicide to use running up to Christmas Lots of questions on the build up to Christmas this year. November sat relatively cool read about that here…. well actually it wa just average but that feels cold compared to recent years. December seemed to be warming up so what fungicide should I use in order…

Santa brings high disease pressure again!

Once again the Christmas period proved to be a tricky time time manage Microdochium patch in the UK. For a lot of turf managers the high temperatures and long periods of leaf moisture can add up and cause some real challenges. This is nothing new (see below links to past Christmas blogs). Whilst the Christmas…

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