The Lockdown Trials – The Low-down

Hopefully you will have heard by now about our trials for ‘managing turf under a lockdown’. They seem to have become known as The Lockdown Trials. Well. Here’s the low-down on the lockdown. Just a note. I’ve split this blog into two sections 1) My Views and 2) The Data. The latter being for those…

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Primo Maxx BIGGA Webinar

Last week I did a webinar on Plant Growth Regulators’s for BIGGA which appears to have got people looking at their turf care programs. If you missed it BIGGA have been good enough to let us have open access for all to to see. Here it is … One of the interesting things for me…

COVID19: an Opportunity for Operation Pollinator?

With reduced maintenance and reduced traffic, is Mother Nature flourishing without our intervention and does this represent an opportunity for Operation Pollinator? With everything that’s going on at the moment it probably seems like a strange time to talk about signing up to Operation Pollinator (which, incidentally is really easy to do). Sophie Oleinik, STRI…

Finland’s Spring Purpling

Had a nice catch up with Saila from Berner in Finland this week and after she saw my blog about Spring purpling she talked me through what they see in Finland. After all if this phenomenon is related to a combination of low temps and high light levels you’d expect to see quite a bit…

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Primo to Reduce Water Usage?

We all know how important water is to turf, I’m sure irrigation systems around the country are now in full swing. I wrote a few weeks back about the potential for a Spring dry down after a prolonged wet and miserable winter. And sure enough that’s exactly whats happened. The above graph shows how this…

The Cranefly Hatch 2020 Begins

Well it’s started – I wrote a couple of weeks back about (click here to see …) the two distinct hatches we saw in Craneflies last year. This Spring has been painful for Course Managers and I suspect we are now seeing the true scale of the challenge we face managing this pest. We have…

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Turf Management Under Lockdown Trial

The last few weeks have been challenging for everyone. Whether you’re managing a reduced team with essential maintenance, supporting your loved ones or simply stuck in the house trying to prove to your kids you are capable of doing some basic maths questions! (just me?). Whilst we have been locked down we have been looking…

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Field Margin – too good not to

Working in a company that deals primarily with agriculture I get to see some things that have value in other industries such as Turf Care. The Field Margin App is one of those things and too good not to share – Field Margin is an online farming tool that allows farmers to map fields and…

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Leather Jacket explosion

It’s easter bank Holiday weekend and I’ve had a crazy amount of messages all about the same thing! Leather Jackets coming out of the ground in their hundreds. To the point where they are pouring into bunkers. I’m not sure I remember a situation like this ever – The images people are sending me are…

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