Cranefly time

We are reaching that time of the year when the Cranefly will be on the wing again and as one lifecycle ends another begins. Most of you will be familiar with the Cranefly; the leatherjacket; the damage it can cause – and its appeal to foraging birds and badgers that can ruin surfaces. The leatherJacket…

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Yellow Tuft anyone?

I’ve had a couple of phone calls and messages at the end of this week asking any idea what this is? Well I’m pretty confident were looking at YellowTuft which is a disease traditionally associated with cooler months and wetter areas on greens. A quick look at the greencast website to pull off some data…

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Fairway wetting agent?

I’ve taken a few phone calls this week all asking a similar question: it’s as dry any point continuing my fairway wetting agent program?Well there is never a simple answer but here goes: If you have fairway irrigation or water available to irrigate your fairways then you’ll get a huge benefit from continuing to use…

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Perfect storm for Anthracnose risk

The tail-end of Hurricane Chris has sent shockwaves of thunderstorms and torrential rain across southern and central England today (Friday 13 July). And after it passes over, temperatures are predicted to surge into the mid-30’s for the weekend. That’s going to be some welcome relief for parched fairways and hard baked pitches. but the combination…

Dormant fairways

I have just received this great image of a course in South Africa using our new pigment Ryder on their dormant fairways rather than costly overseeding. I thought it was a great piece of lateral thinking that many of you would find interesting. This method presents huge value over the cost of the labour and…

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