October FAQs 2020

Acelepryn Timings I expected a whole host of last minute calls asking when they should apply acelepryn for LeatherJackets / Cranefly this October and I had a few but compared to last year it was minimal. We’ve done a lot of work this year to communicate the message on how to get the best out…

Surely it’s over?

Cranefly. We’ve only had a few reported sightings this last couple of weeks which reflects exactly the same pattern as 2019. The additional work in gaining an extended period of Emergency Authorisation for Acelepryn now feels worth it. The last day to purchase product is gone and you are right at the end of the…

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Fungicide longevity

I get asked this one a lot – How long will my fungicide last? When you apply a fungicide there is a number of things going on: Reducing spore population around the plant Reducing spore population on the plant Defending and protecting the plant on the outside from new pathogen Getting into the plant and…

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Cranefly – Are we nearing the end?

In 2019 we had no more reported sightings of Cranefly from this point on, I wonder if that was because they weren’t reported or if they had stopped? Forgive me me but I’m going to press you for a couple more weeks on this one. PLEASE keep logging on PestTracker. When I break down the…

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World Mental Health Day 10th October 2020

It’s World Mental Health Day this weekend. Let’s hope everyone sits up and takes time to think. Greenkeeping can be an extremely pressurised job, but fortunately there are now increasing outlets for help. From my personal experience, it’s so important to take heed of the advice and opportunities on offer. I still love getting my…

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Microdochium time

It’s a tricky time of year to manage disease right now and true to form there’s a lot of disease pressure floating about. The biggest problem I see is that turf managers hope or believe that small amount of a disease will grow out because they are still getting some growth. Preventative fungicide applications are…

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When to apply my fungicide

We know Preventative is better, we know NO-ONE wants to go earlier than they need to – what can we do to get closer to optimum application? We do a lot of trial work with our fungicides and in trials when fungicide is applied Preventatively it always returns better results that it will if applied…

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Operation Pollinator action for Autumn

Here at GreenCast Advisory we always welcome special guest blogs with the views and advice of specialist experts in their fields, or in this case meadows. STRI Senior Ecologist, Sophie Olejnik, is an incredible enthusiast for all things environmental around the golf course and a great supporter of Syngenta Operation Pollinator. Read on to find…