The Cranefly Flies

It’s a late hatch this year, for a long period I kept wondering to myself if the incredibly dry summer we’ve had would have dramatically reduce the Cranefly / Leatherjacket population.However it seems whilst I’m not seeing swarms of Cranefly like I have in some previous years there’s still an awful lot of them around…

What to use?

We are now entering this period and whether your seeing outbreaks of fusarium or not the disease population will be growing during weather conditions that are suitable.So what are the key drivers? Mild temperatures Long periods of moisture allowing the disease to spread Soft lush growth We don’t really need a prediction model to recognise…

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Shady work at STRI Research 2018

Just back from a really interesting couple of Days presenting at STRI Research 2018.This year we presented our current joint trial work with ICL, looking at the impacts of shade and light on turf. Our work will give us a really interesting insight into how turf can be managed under low levels of light. The…

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