Acelepryn for Leatherjackets this season

It's November now so hopefully all who were planning to apply Acelepryn for Leatherjacket control this Autumn have got it down.

Acelepryn for Leatherjackets this season

This is our first year of full approval, so I’ve been getting lots of questions about Acelepryn applications this season so here’s a few key points.

Most turf managers I’ve spoken to have managed to get it down in mid – late October, as our in turf testing has shown this to perform best.

I know some have struggled to find spray windows as we’ve had some weather recently, just a few named storms …

Debi next but we don’t know when…

I appreciate locking down a spray window is a challenge, use what you have available to you TurfAdvisor has a dedicated section for finding your opportunity to get out and on the SyngentaTurf website also.

Timing is especially crucial if applying NemaTrident also. Plan ahead if you are thinking about it for next year ensure you have everything ready to apply after Acelepryn treatment, while soil temperatures remain above 8°C for at least two weeks.

Keep track of soil temperatures with the Turf Advisor app, displaying forecasts on your dashboard. Get ready to maximize the benefits of Acelepryn and NemaTrident applications by taking advantage of favorable soil temperatures.


I’ve struggled to find a Spray window for my Acelepryn, how late can I go?

Things to think about in this space:

  1.  The label states apply at peak flight for the UK. Flight starts in August and continues into November. The trail work we’ve done has shown best results mid to late October but be mindful to stay inline with label guidance and don’t wait too long.
  2. The way the product acts, we need grub activity – so they come into contact with it. If we wait too long and soil temperatures drop Leatherjackets will be moving down to avoid the chill. So sooner is better.
  3. Our data suggests a bell curve in terms of product performance with mid/late October being the peak, so the further we move from that the more we move from peak performance.
  4. If it’s looking to stay warm longer (temperature forecasts holding) then consider going down late IF you’ve been blocked by weather up to now, but the sooner the better.


Its been super wet, has my Acelepryn washed away?

We have had a lot of rain. But Acelepryn is very good at binding to organic matter once it’s dry.

Avoid applications where you have levels of rain where your seeing pooling on the surface, but its ok to apply in light rain to make sure it moves down the plant and doesn’t get taken away by mowing activities.

We’ve done a lot of work on soil dissipation and we know that the product remains in that grub zone where we want it for months post application, so we don’t need to be concerned about the levels of rain we’ve had this season.

Hopefully all have got it down now, or have a spray window locked in the near future.


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