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Stop, not another drop! – Moisture management


Les premières tipules ont pris leur envol

L’article précédent, Bilan climatique 2023, évoquait l’impact du changement climatique et les conséquences qui pouvaient en découler. Aujourd’hui nous allons regarder de plus près ce qui se passe concernant les ravageurs des gazons. Mue imaginale (passage de la nymphe à l’adulte) de Tipula oleracea à La Rochelle, le 12/02/2024 Les retours terrains confirment les tendances…


Bilan climatique de l’année 2023

Retour sur les faits météorologiques marquants de 2023 Des températures une nouvelle fois record En 2023, l’indicateur thermique national a atteint 14,40°C, soit la deuxième année la plus chaude depuis le début des relevés météorologiques en 1900. Cela représente une augmentation de +1,44°C par rapport à la moyenne de référence de la période 1991-2020. Les…

Did it rain in July?


Did it rain in July?


Hottest June on Record – 2023

Growing Degree Days

Primo Maxx II – Can I trust the model when its this hot?!

If you are in the UK you will know its been very hot recently, and Ireland has seen its share of the heat wave also; Dublin’s Phoenix Park recorded 33.1C (91.4F). The hottest day in 135 years across the island of Ireland. I saw on the news that the UK had its hottest night on…


Grass needs light, but how much is too much?

Like the other plant health inputs, water, nutrition and air, grass needs light. And like all things in life its not that simple. Each of these inputs has an optimum or ‘Goldie Locks’ zone. For water; too little and the plant withers and dies, too much and it becomes waterlogged and dies. The same is…


Santa brings high disease pressure again!

Once again the Christmas period proved to be a tricky time time manage Microdochium patch in the UK. For a lot of turf managers the high temperatures and long periods of leaf moisture can add up and cause some real challenges. This is nothing new (see below links to past Christmas blogs). Whilst the Christmas…


Early Snowfall

In this month’s « On the horizon » Henry and I speak at some length about how the climate is warming and how Christmas is unlikely to be snowy! Well, as soon as we put the Podcast out, it goes super cold and starts to snow. The timing couldn’t be any better! Speaking of timing, I’ve recently…


How cold has November 2021 been?

After telling everyone on the Podcast that these Autumn / Winter months are getting warmer, I was beginning to feel pretty nervous as the last month has felt pretty chilly to me! I’ve had a look back at the data to see how we’ve compared back to 2008 – 2011 period just to see how…