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A trial at STRI this year looking at the use of FR321 in integrated programmes designed to combat Anthracnose. As we creep into the Autumn period and the Microdochium pressure I felt the benefits we've seen in this trial of FR321 in controlling this problem would be worth sharing.

The trial in question was put together to look at different strategies of combining a fungicide and Amino Acid programme to help course managers keep greens in the best conditions. Its thrown up some useful insights which I'll report back on later on when the data is all in.

With Microdochium or "Fuz" season well and truly on us I thought the positive effects we've seen in this trial would be worth reporting so people could understand where this one box solution can fit in their programme.

The trial wasn't set up for Microdochium patch so no data was gathered until 7th September. But it is inevitable that where Anthracnose starts Microdochium will follow.

Even though the FR321 applications were made back in August and Early September, you can really see the value of a preventative programme.

STRI 29th June 2021 - Now (4th Oct 2021)

It's also great to see the plant health benefits of the Heritage and stress reduction properties of Ryder adding some additional turf quality value too and it looks like the added plant health value has put the plant in a much stronger position to go into the difficult months ahead.

STRI 29th June 2021 - Now (4th Oct 2021)

Another application is due to be made so it gives us a good chance to look at its ability to get disease back under control.

We intend to keep this programme going through the next 6 weeks and will report back and further findings but all the data so far supports FR321 being my current go to recommendation for this mild Autumn period.

A generic picture of Microdochium - not from the trial - as soon as I get some I'll share them.

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